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(Group photo: Scott Troyer)

At the Tuesday, March 31 Newsmaker Breakfast, Calgary Fire Chief Bruce Burrell President, Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs (CAFC), said "an historic national development for public safety in Canada was achieved last December. The three major first responder associations, the CAFC, the Canadian Association of Police Chiefs and the Emergency Medical Services Chiefs of Canada signed a joint resolution on first-responder voice inter-operability, the first such joint, high profile action among first responder groups ever. The aim is to ensure that fire fighters, police officers, paramedics and other public safety workers have compatible, exclusive radio broadband access that lets us talk to each other on a priority basis in emergency situations. . . . more.

A dinner commemorating Annette Leger, a beloved member and mainstay of the Press Club, was held in the Parliamentary Dining Room. Annette had been Supervisor of the Parliamentary Pages, and held several equally compelling jobs around the Hill. This could have been a solemn occasion but Annette's spirit lifted it into a gala event, with endless recollections of her successful achievements at the Press Club. The event was hosted by Honourable Senator Mike Duffy, front row center, and his wife, Hilary, seated second from right, in the bright blue dress.

For the Ottawa Diplomatic Association, His Excellence, Mr. Shashishekhar M. Gavai High Commissioner for India, right, presents a gift to the guest speaker, Honourable Beverley Oda, Minister of International Cooperation and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), at the NPC=ODA Diplomatic Press Attaché Luncheon on March 23. Photo - RBF

Thursday, February 26 - His Excellence Ambassador Margers Krams, left, of the Republic of Latvia, offers a token of appreciation to the Minister of International Trade and the Asia-Pacific Gateway,The Honourable Stockwell Day right, following the Minister's talk at our Press Attaché Luncheon. Photo - RBF

Mayor Larry O'Brien (right) was guest speaker at the Press Club December 12, seen here with Ray Stone.

Infrastructure matters explained
On Monday, October 6, the Newsmaker speakers were Press Club VP Tim Kane, ACEC President Jeff Morrison, Moderater: Dr. Guy Félio. Eng., Panel: Councillor Clive Doucet, Jounalist John Robson, Civil Engineer Léo Gohier, and provided a magnificent program, co-sponsored by the Association of Canadian Engineering Companies.

Kane     Morrison     Félio       Doucet       Robson     Gohier
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Speakers at the Iftar in September,
breaking the fast in the Holy month of Ramadan, were Dr. Mohammed Raja Abdulla Al-Hussaini Al-Sharif, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Turkey, former Dean of the Arab Diplomatic Corps in Canada, and Hon. Jason Kenney, PC, Secretary of State for Multiculturalism .

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    Contact convener of Newsmakers, Also please read "Plan a Newsmaker." For Press Attaché Luncheons and Multicultural events, contact Roxanne Brousseau-Félio. For all Scholarship Information, refer to Guy Félio and Fund Raising enquiries may be addressed to Eed Murad. To Join the Club, renew a membership, and membership information, contact Tim Kane.

    U.S. Amb. David Wilkins, center, receives plaque of thanks from the National Press Club. Eed Murad, left, and Dave Hicks, right, were among Press Club Directors enjoying a tour of the U.S. Embassy on Sussex Drive. (Photo by Vicroria Terry)

    Monday, February 23 Press Attaché Luncheon guest speaker Thomas d'Aquino, receives a gift from Ottawa Diplomatic Association President, Ambassador of Japan, His Excellence Tsuneo Nishida, left.

    On Wednesday evening, February 11
    On behalf of the National Press Club, Director Rosaleen Dickson presented an artwork by Tokyo artist Takaki Hashimoto, to His Excellence Tsuneo Nishida, Ambassador of Japan and President of the Ottawa Diplomatic Association, at the Japanese Embassy. The artwork was provided by Takaki Hashimoto and sponsored by SpreadArt.

    three war correspondents
    who have spent months in Kandahar covering the fighting and redevelopment projects gave extraordinary accounts of what is really going on there: Canadian Press defence reporter Murray Brewster, Scott Taylor, editor of Esprit de Corp Magazine, and Graeme Smith, Michener Award winner who, in an interview for "The Charlatan." says, "I'm going to write a book ". . . See the whole interview here. Questions were invited from the audience, including NDP Foreign Affairs critic Paul Dewar, NDP MP, left. This well attended event, chaired by the Globe and Mail's Bill Curry, right, chairman of Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) National Capital Branch, was hosted by the CAJ, the National Press Club and Carleton University School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

    First Jazz Night of the season.

    Ray Stone took pictures. See them..
    The band was terrific. Peter Fleming and the Monteray combo recalled playing the same room 36 years ago.

    Changing the Guard at the Sheraton Hotel:
    Press Club Directors Tim Kane and Rosaleen Dickson greeted, Robert Alldred, the new general manager of the Ottawa Sheraton Hotel, at the celebration of the distinguished career of Hotelier par excellence Otto G. Heberlein (right) upon his retirment. Hundreds of Ottawa's leading citizens were present to thank Mr. Heberlein for his years of community work in Ottawa, while bringing the Sheraton to the forefront among Ottawa hotels, and providing a new home for The National Press Club of Canada.
    (EMBASSY Photo by Sam Garcia)
    "Yesterday's News" by National Press Club's Nix Wadden
    A Newfoundland-based book is an account of journalistic and political events and experiences in Newfoundland in the 1950s and 60s, recounting both dramatic and humourous stories from the colourful Joey Smallwood era, and tracing the early development and growth of broadcast news media in Canada's tenth province. Nix Wadden is a former President of the Newfoundland Press Club, and a member of the National Press Club since 1966. A book signing and sale was held at the Press Club, in the Sheraton, in February. On line sales are available at Contact the author at

    See also: "Crime Scene Transcripts: Who Terrorized First?" by Albert Jabara, Ottawa. There is no ambiguity in Jabara's message. Following an explanation of his immigrant boyhood, and a brief outline of his career in Canada thus far, he plunges the reader into the transcripts, wherein lie answers to the title question. Mirath Publishing Inc, 373 Coventry Rd. Ottawa, ON K1K 2C5 ISBN 978-0-99782296-5 Pp 227 Hard cover $68.95 Soft cover $38.95

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