Ottawa Palaeontological Society
Ottawa Palaeontological Society
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As a reward for finding this website and to hopefully provide reinforcement, conditioning you to continue exploring paleontology on the Web, we present:

Organisations of our next of kin:

Central Canadian Federation of Mineralogical Societies

The Central Canadian Federation of Mineralogical Societies (CCFMS) is a non-profit federation of rock, mineral and lapidary clubs for hobbyists in central Canada.

The Ottawa Lapsmith and Mineral Club

The Upper Ottawa Valley Geology Club

Club de minéralogie de l'outaouais

Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club

Founded in 1879, the Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club is the oldest natural history club in Canada. Over 1000 members have interests in all aspects of the natural world, from birding to botanizing, investigation to publication, conservation to cooperation.

Macoun Youth Field Naturalist Club

Sponsored by the Canadian Museum of Nature and the Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club, this club offers weekend field trips to natural areas around Ottawa and indoor meetings once a week at the Museum of Nature during the school year. There are no fees, and you need only come to a meeting to join!

Ottawa Chapter of the Ontario Archaeological Society

The Ottawa Chapter of the Ontario Archaeological Society was founded in 1971 with the aims of promoting and advancing archaeology in the Province of Ontario, concentrating on the Ottawa area.

Friends of Canadian Geoheritage

Friends of Canadian Geoheritage (FCG) is open to all who endorse the recognition and preservation of significant components of natural landscape worthy of designation as Geoheritage Sites in Canada. An excellent local self-guided tour from the above site.

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