Ottawa Palaeontological Society
Ottawa Palaeontological Society
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A short introduction to some local fossils and galleries from club members

Past meetings of our speakers series , Topics of current interest to club members

An introduction to basic field work

Natural History

Dana Naldret on Elkanah Billings

Frank Habets on What is a Species?

Robert Sensenstein "et al." on Crystal Formation

Did you know...? (to be expanded)

"Humerus" (sic.)

A few ("Fibia" sic) Paleo Festivals

Robert Sensenstein All I ever needed to know...

Top Ten Lists

Robert Sensenstein Not to take on a field trip...

Liz Czanyo and Robert Sensenstein ("Fibia" sic) Decorating tips...

Martin Brazeau Warning signs that you are at a bad conference...

Robert Sensenstein Signs of a plastic glabella...

Robert Sensenstein ("Deadly Serious") Paleo places of the Cenozoic...

Articles, news or suggestions? contact the club

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