Kaulbach Family of Dierdorf, Germany

Submitted by Stan Card of Tampa, Florida

This is my translation of some info I rec'd from the Lutheran Archives in Boppard, Germany. (You can view one of the original pages) This is not an official Translation. It was worked up by me and my wife and another German lady, but none of us understand each and every word, so we read and re-read each sentence and came up with the following translation of this document, written by Wilfried Göbler. It starts:

"It's been known that the Kaulbach ancestors in Arolsen, Munich and Hanover were well known artists and came from Dierdorf, Westerwald, Germany. In searching the name Kaulbach we found this to be true. I was interested in the Famous Artist Kaulbach and his work and where he came from. The Kaulbach Family was world known for their artistic work in past centuries. Wilhelm von Kaulbach and his nephew Friedrich August von Kaulbach were well known artists and earned the artistic title Director of Academic Professors at the Office of Artists and Professors and worked in Munich and Hannover as artists and painters.

"In the 17th century the Kaulbach name was unknown in Dierdorf and with a gap in the records many myths were passed on as fact. Many believed the family didn't exhist as nothing was found in records, but Dr. Helmut Gensicke believed without a doubt that the Kaulbachs were an old established family in the Westerwald. He ensures that the Dierdorfer Kaulbachs came from an area near the Schönerlen Estate, which is no longer in existence. About 1300 the area was called Culebach and from 1575 Kaulbach. The little village later became part of Zürbach and Steinen. Families living in small groups in the area grouped together and became part of Dierdorf. In 1204 the village was written as Dyrdorph, then became Dierdorf later. The Kaulbachs weren't listed in 1582 and 1615 records. In 1630 Lorentz and Peter Kaulbach were first mentioned. Later Johann Peter Kaulbach is referenced in church books from Dierdorf when his son Johann Heinrich Kaulbach became godfather to Johann Peter Kaulbach on 15 Jun 1688. In 1677, in Dierdorf, Johann Wilhelm und Anna Elizabeth Kaulbach had a son Johannes Balthasar. The name came from the mother's side. Johann Wilhelm was married three times, in 1675 with the daughter of Wilhelm von Hoff, after that Anna Elisabeth, and on 9 May 1684 with Ursula (NN). In 1694 Johann Christian and Julianna Catharina Kaulbach died. They had a daughter baptised Anna Catharina. These names are the ancestors of the Kaulbach artists in Arolsen, Munich, and Hannover. Johann Christian Kaulbach had a son Moritz Christian, b: 9 Mar 1697 in dierdorf. Johann Christian Kaulbach was the city Mayor. Around 1700 in Dierdorf, Johannes Kaulbach Sr., was court recorder , he and his wife Maria Gertrauda had a daughter Anna Gertrauda on 6 Feb 1679. Dr. Johannes and Anna Margaretha Kaulbach Jr had a daughter, 22 Dec 1688, Anna Elisabetha. Dietrich and Anna Catharina Kaulbach had a daughter 28 Jan 1690 Christina Elisabeth. Kraft Kaulbach died in Dierdorf 12 Oct 1692 where he was buried. This is only to show that the Kaulbachs played a roll in the village of Dierdorf.

"I'm sorry that I haven't been able to find more on the ancestry of the Kaulbachs, but I'm sure all Kaulbachs go back to this family. They came to Dierdorf between 1615-1630. Back to the artist Kaulbachs. It's not known why they left the Westerwald. Two sons of Moritz Christian and Catharina Elisabeth (Ehrenstein) Kaulbach, Johann Wilhelm b: 4 Jun 1749 and older brother Johann Peter b: 19 Feb 1647 (both born in Dierdorf) left between 1768 and 1771 and went to Arolsen to find a new home. Johann Wilhelm stayed in Arolsen and Johann Peter went to Holland. Johann Wilhelm brought his brother Moritz b: 27 Jul 1740 to Arolsen in 1772 where he was organist and teacher in the reformed village Arolsen. Johann Wilhelm Kaulbach was a master cabinet and furniture maker. He learned his trade from Abraham Roentgen in Neuwied. He married Johanna Elisabeth Friederike Klein in 1770 in Arolsen and after she died in 1783, he married Friederike Susanna Rickelt. From both marriages he had 9 sons and 4 daughters. Two of his sons, Philip Carl, born Arolsen 25 Nov 1775 and Christian b: Arolsen 30 Aug 1777 are the ancestors of the branch of Artist/Painter Kaulbachs in Munich and Hannover.

"There is a Kaulbach Museum in Arolsen and in many towns in Germany there are Kaulbach Streets and Kaulbach Places and Squares. In Dierdorf there are many memories of the family. After the sons left they became famous for their artistic abilities. In Arrolsen they made Imperial furniture for castles and palaces as well as Alters, Pulpits, chairs and also for the people in Arolsen they made doors for their houses."

References were Evelyn Lehmann and Elke Riemer "The Kaulbachs", Klaus Zimmermann "Friedrich August von Kaulbach, Monographie und Werkverzeichnis", Church Book Dierdorf, Dr Helmut Gensicke "The Artist Family Kaulbach from dierdorf, A Westwalder Story", "Allg. Deutsche Biographie and Neu Deutsche Biographie", W. Gross "Dierdorf and the Artist Family Kaulbach". These are all German References listed in the pages I translated the info from. All the above info is what was written by Wilfried G–bler. Hope this helps someone out there. - Stan Card in Tampa, Florida

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