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Anecdotal Histories of Life in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia

Genealogy is more than just a list of who was born when, married who, and died when. Who were these people? Our Lunenburg roots can be found in the stories of our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, who hopefully know and can pass on the stories of their parents, grandparents, and so on. This site is a place where I hope to collect the writings and oral histories of the families who settled in Lunenburg County, into an "electronic book" so that they can be easily accessed by interested people anywhere.

If you have a story of your Lunenburg County family's past, I'd like to hear from you about publishing it here. Please drop me a line at: nancy at flora dot org (insert @ and . in appropriate places). You don't have to be a professional writer, and no need to be intimidated by trying to make it sound impressive- even stories told in note form would be most welcome.

Reminder: Please obtain permission from the people who submitted the material
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Ancestral Tidbits

Written for Carolyn Eileen Zinck's family history, these extracts from Bell's notes cover some of the original settlers who came to Nova Scotia in the 1750's, and tell what is known about them from the records. They've been put in alphabetical order- have a peek and see if any of them are your ancestors too! Submitted by Nancy Shaver (e-mail: nancy at flora dot org (insert @ and . in appropriate places))

The Early Days of Lunenburg

These are four chapters that I wrote for my mom's family history, and covers the emigration of the foreign protestants from Europe, up to the second decade or so of the settlement of Lunenburg. The main source is Bell's "The History of the Foreign Protestants and the Settlement of Nova Scotia". Submitted by Nancy Shaver (nancy at flora dot org (insert @ and . in appropriate places))
  1. European Places of Origin
  2. To Nova Scotia: The Emigration
  3. The Immigrants at Halifax
  4. The Settlement of Lunenburg

History Revisited

This account of the early days of the settlement of Lunenburg was written by Thomas Giammo (tom@giammo.com). His main source was Bell's "The History of the Foreign Protestants and the Settlement of Nova Scotia". It is broken into 3 parts:

  • Part One
  • Part Two
  • Part Three
  • Kaulbach Family of Dierdorf, Germany

    This document on the German origins of the Kaulbach family was translated by Stan Card, his wife and another german speaker. Thanks to Stan Card (stancard@gte.net) for submitting it.

    The Diary of Johann Michael Schmitt

    The Diary of Johann Michael Schmitt is a great genealogical and historical resource, recording many births and deaths among the family of this orignal settler (starting back in Germany, and spanning 1678-1806) , as well as many "noteworthy occurances" in the early days of the settlement of Lunenburg. Thanks to Polli Turner (http://pollisplace.com/history) for submitting it.

    Jost Biographies

    This is a biographical account of the lives of members of the first 3 generations of the Jost Family of Lunenburg and Guysborough, starting with the first settler, George Jost, who immigrated in 1750. Submitted by Polli Turner (http://pollisplace.com/history).

  • First Generation:
    George Jost
  • Second Generation:
    Memoirs of John Casper Jost
  • Third Generation:
    Reminiscences of Christopher Jost, 1805-1884
  • The Memoirs of James Albert Hirtle

    This record of a way of life in the latter half of the 1800's has been broken into four parts for faster loading on your browser. Submitted by Debbie Haughland Chan, they are the memories of her great-grandfather's life as a child and young adult in Lunenburg County, and include his move to Winnipeg when he was in his early 30's. Debbie can be reached at debbiechan@mts.net

  • Part One
  • Part Two
  • Part Three
  • Part Four
  • The Autobiography of Alice Crouse Richmond

    Alice Crouse Richmond was born in 1872 and grew up near Midville. This segment from her autobiography, in the author's own hand, includes an account of the life of the early settlers, information about her grandparents and parents, including the surnames Crouse, Hirtle, Wagner, Meisner, and Mason, and the story of the early years of her life in Nova Scotia before moving to the United States. It was submitted by Alice's granddaughter, Kate Richmond Reynolds.

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    The Memoirs of Capt. Leo Corkum

    Captain Leo Parks Corkum (1889-1971) sailed several schooners and a beam trawler. These are some of his memories from his childhood and his life at sea.

    This link to S. Nelson's website was submitted by Chris Young (thewiz@sentex.net). S. Nelson's website, Fishing? - It Was a WAY OF LIFE is definitely worth checking out for stories and history relating to the east coast fishing industry.

    Stan Card's Photos from his Trip to Germany

    Stan Card visited Germany in September 1999 and returned with photos from the towns of Merishausen and Bargen in Switzerland where the Tanners come from; Leimen, Germany where Johan Michael Schmitt came from; Mutterstadt where the Weinacht, Wild and Transou/Fransou families originated; Zwingenberg, the home of Anna M. Becker who married Johannes Wambold; and Hockenheim which was the home of the Englehorn family (she married Georg Hertel and later Johan Michael Schmitt.). Stan can be reached at stancard@gte.net

    You were wanting Genealogical info?

    Here's a link to the excellent Lunenburg Genweb Project. This site will link you into birth, marriage and death records, individual websites with genealogical info, info on how to join a discussion list for researchers, and much, much more! Links for many other sites are also available from this location. If you're just starting out in your search for your Lunenburg branches on your tree, this is the place where you begin.

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