Armchair Arctic, and other landscapey places

Nancy's Armchair Arctic

Here are some of my photos from my trips to Nunavut and other landscapey places.
Sit back and relax- no long flights, annoying airport delays, or excess baggage fees required.

thumbnail of Cheltenham BadlandsCheltenham Badlands and
Rattlesnake Point, Southern Ontario

September 2004
thumbnail of Sachigo Lake Sachigo Lake, Ontario
August 2005
thumbnail of Cape Dorset Cape Dorset, Nunavut
September 2005
thumbnail of Cape DorsetCape Dorset, Nunavut (#2)
March 2006
thumbnail of Iqaluit Iqaluit, Nunavut
September and November 2005
thumbnail of Igloolik Igloolik, Nunavut
November 2005
thumbnail of PangnirtungPangnirtung, Nunavut
April 2006
thumbnail of Arctic BayArctic Bay, Nunavut
June 2006
thumbnail from Victor BayArctic Bay, Nunavut (#2)
August 2006
Thumbnail of Barron CanyonBarron Canyon,
Algonquin Park, Ontario

October 2006
Thumbnail of KimmirutKimmirut, Nunavut
November 2006
Thumbnail from Deer LakeDeer Lake, Ontario
January 2007
Thumbnail from YellowknifeYellowknife, NWT
April 2007
Thumbnail from YellowknifeYellowknife, NWT (#2)
June 2007
Icon from HolmanUlukhaktok (Holman), NWT
June 2007
Thumbnail from YellowknifeYellowknife, NWT (#3)
September, 2007
Pangnirtung (#2)Pangnirtung, Nunavut (#2)
November 2007
QikiqtarjuakQikiqtarjuaq, Nunavut
November, 2007
Thumbnail from KimmirutKimmirut, Nunavut (#2)
April 2008
Thumbnail from ResoluteResolute, Nunavut
July/August, 2008
Thumbnail from Grise FiordGrise Fiord, Nunavut
July/August, 2008

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