Being visually impaired myself, I have a deep desire to help those who are visually impaired. As my undergrad project in engineering I invented a device for the visually impaired to tell them where they were standing in a city. NVI (Navigational system for the Visually Impaired) will tell the user what street they are standing on, as well as the street address. This project is being developed by two companies Arkenstone Inc., and Visuaide. These companies also deve lop other high technology devices to help those who are visually impaired. The new project is called Atlas Speaks and Strider.

Companies helping the Visually Impaired

Use this site to determine how well a URL is "Visually Impaired Friendly"

Please let me know of any other companies developing tools for the visually impaired, so I may be able to add them to this list.

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