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There are several ways you can connect with others in the community of home based learners across Canada:

To find support more locally, visit the relevant provincial pages from the menu.

To find support more internationally, visit our page of links.

Organizations and support groups

You can find provincial home based education organizations and local support groups in the provincial sections. For Canada-wide support, join one of the e-lists or yahoogroups listed below.

Association of Canadian Home Based Education (ACHBE)

The Association of Canadian Home Based Education (ACHBE) is currently inactive. It may be revived if enough interest is sparked and enough volunteers step forward from the different provinces to make it happen. If you'd like to be actively involved, contact Marian at homeschool-ca@ (add to complete the email address).

Home School Legal Defence Association (HSLDA)

Web site:
HSLDA is a Christian, nonprofit advocacy organization established to protect family freedoms and to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children. Supported by a legal team and run by "an active board of directors, all of whom are homeschooling fathers who give guidance and direction to the organization," HSLDA provides annual memberships to homeschooling families which entitle them to receive legal support at no extra charge should they need it in the course of exercising their homeschooling rights. You do not have to be Christian to belong, but you do have to agree to "use an organized curriculum and a clearly recognizable program of education to instruct [your] children." HSLDA has been active in fighting against certain policies of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and in defending parental use of "reasonable corrective discipline."

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Home To Learn .org 

New as of Fall 2007. If you're looking for the chatroom format for connecting with other homeschooling parents across Canada, this is your chance: this is the first Canadian HBL chatroom we've heard about since we stopped hosting the one we had here a few years ago. Share information and support about home based learning, educational resources and more. They also have message boards.

E-lists and Yahoo! Groups

Homeschool Canada

Living is learning. This list is the place for chatting about anything and everything! Join us to share ideas and information with other Canadian home based learners.

To join the list, send a request by email to


Unschooling Canada

This list is for Canadian unschoolers who believe in child-led/natural learning. It is a list for unschoolers certain of their choice, and also for those who are learning to let go of school-at-home and let their children lead the way. This list is not for those wanting questions answered about what unschooling, natural learning, or child-led learning is -- there are better forums for those questions to be answered. This list is also not for those who use the word unschooling, yet apply other than child-directed learning attitudes.

To join the list, send a request by email to


Canadian Military Homeschool

A group for Canadian Military Homeschooling Families. A place to build up, encourage, help, give advice, receive advice, and ask questions. Canadian Military Homeschooling Families welcomes families of all homeschooling styles, faiths and ethnicities.


Higher Education for Homelearners

This is a forum created to encourage dialogue about the transition of Canadian homeschooled students into post-secondary education.  We invite home educating families and anyone with an interest in broadening our understanding of the admissions process in Canada to join and share their knowledge and experience. This list is sponsored by the Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents and is part of our ongoing investigation into this issue.

To join the list, send a request by email to


Freethinking Homeschoolers of Canada

(formerly HS Atheist Canada)

This group is for Canadian homeschooling parents who are atheists, agnostics, or who otherwise don't believe in god(s) or subscribe to a religion (or UFO religion). We encourage discussion on any topic, including the arts, philosophy, science, history, politics and current events. We maintain a database to help members find secular curricula.


Calvert Canada

For Canadian parents who are either using the Calvert Home Study Curriculum, or thinking about doing it. On this forum, you may find out more about Calvert, get tips on practically any aspect of using Calvert with your children, ask questions, as well as share your expertise and fellowship with other Canadian Calvert users.



Un groupe pour les franco-canadiens qui enseignent à leurs enfants à la maison. Ce groupe se veut un lieu de soutien en ligne pour tous les parents enseignants francophones (ou bilingues faisant l'immersion à la maison), sans exclusion selon les méthodes ni selon qu'on soit ou non religieux. L'école à la maison, ou l'école à domicile, ("homeschooling"), n'est pas nécessairement un enseignement comme à l'école, quoique ça peut l'être. Ça peut aussi être un apprentissage bien plus libre et individualisé comme dans l'approche "unschooling". Toutes les approches sont les bienvenues. Le but du groupe est d'avoir des discussions, des échanges d'idées et de renseignements sur les légalités et les ressources éducatives en français, et aussi une occasion de se faire des amies/amis en ligne et d'organiser des groupes de soutien régionaux pour les rencontres et activités en personne. La participation dans ce groupe nécessite une attitude tolérante envers nos différences, et une manière respectueuse de s'exprimer. Rejoignez-nous et contribuez au développement d'un réseau amical bien relié pour la communauté francophone des parents enseignant à la maison au Canada!

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Message boards

The Five Solas

New as of August 2008. Forum started by an Ontario homeschool teen for homeschoolers and homeschool graduates. Be aware that it is very restricted and restrictive: only open to Protestant Christians who believe in the five solas and the existence of absolute truth, and is only for "serious adult conversations about theological issues," not for chatting.

New as of March 2008. "The Homeschooling Freethinkers site and discussion forums serve the international community of homeschoolers whose worldview is free of supernatural and mystical elements."


HomeToLearn .org

New as of 2007. This site offers an online forum for homeschooling parents across Canada to share information and support about home based learning, educational resources and more. They also have a chatroom.


Canadian Homeschooler's Board

A message board for homeschooling parents across Canada


Le forum FEM (Forum d'école-maison)

Le forum FEM (Forum d'école-maison) se veut un lieu convivial d'échange pour les parents qui font l'éducation à la maison. Ce forum francophone prend racine au Québec et vise à échanger sur notre vie quotidienne de parents- éducateurs et renseigner les parents qui veulent débuter cette belle aventure. En vous enregistrant, vous accèderez à une panoplie de ressources. Alors n'hésitez pas et joignez-vous à nous!

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