Canadian Educational Sites

bullet The Brainium
An online science learning environment for grades 4-8. It offers science content correlated to provincial lesson plans and interactive activities on the site engage the student and promote learning. As an online resource The Brainium offers parents and students the opportunity to collaborate with parents, teachers and students around the globe.
email or phone 1-888-BRAINIUM.
bullet Canada's SchoolNet - An educational initiative supported by a variety of organizations across Canada, from government agencies - provincial, territorial, and federal, - to industry, and educational establishments and stakeholders.
bullet Canadiana - The Canadian Resource Page
bullet Canadian Content Online Reviews of software and educational resources (activity books, guides, charts etc.) that have been published in Canada
bullet Canadian Distance Education Directory
bullet Canadian Education on the Web
bullet Canadian Information By Subject provides links to Internet sites that offer information about Canada.
bullet Canadian Libraries on the Net A very comprehensive listing of Canadian libraries, by Province and Territories.
bullet Canadian newspaper site
bullet CM: Canadian Review of Materials - CM magazine has book reviews, media reviews, web reviews, news, features, and stories of interest to teachers, librarians, parents, and kids. It is also available by email by sending mail to and in the body of the message type: subscribe cmlist.
bullet CBC Homepage Television, radio, newsworld online, message board, newsgroups...
bullet Current Issues in Public Education This page is dedicated to providing information, opinion and research related to public education issues.
bullet Debbie's Unit Factory - Specializing in quality elementary level theme units for teachers and home schoolers. Online ordering and freebies.
bullet Discovery Channel Canada The Exploration Network. Mind bender, numbers game, info, puzzle picks, archives...
bullet EduNET
EduNET is a Canadian educational sight with 15 learning categories based on the curriculum, a search engine, free do-it-yourself homepage toolbox and a "Teachers Only" section. It is used as a research tool for Canadian students in their studies at all levels. Coming soon: EduFORUM, a place to discuss and exchange teaching ideas. Visitors would also be interested in our news and current events journal on videotape called NOTEBOOK. Although this is supplied in videotape format, the highlights of the weekly tapes are also presented on EduNET. This site has been designed specifically for Canadian students. Updated daily!
bullet Eureka! Stories Stories of discovery for young children.
bullet Flying High - A family game with a combination of fun and education.
bullet Home Education Helper Has reviews on Dos, Windows, and Mac educational software arranged in an easy to find order. Putting the fun into quality home schooling with a wide variety of educational games, kits, CD-ROMS, curriculum and all kinds of fun, hands-on materials. You can order the software right from their site. Karen
bullet Intellectum Plus Excellent physics software.
bullet International Year of the Ocean
1998 has been declared 'The International Year of the Ocean (IYO)' by the United Nations. In celebration of IYO, nations around the world are adopting 'The Ocean Charter', a commitment to the future of the oceans and to the marine and coastal environments.
At Canada's IYO Website you can also:

  • See up-to-date displays of Ocean Charters from around the world;
  • View the Charter in several different languages;
  • Peruse our Calendar of fun and inspiring events taking place across Canada and around the world;
  • Study various initiatives to help conserve the oceans and the creatures within;
  • Check out our expanded links to related sites, teaching resources and 'virtual voyages' to whet your appetite for adventure;
  • Read daily facts on the oceans and marine life;
  • Discover MANY MORE interesting things!
    bullet Media Awareness Network-Reseau Education-Medias A support network for media education and a clearinghouse for Canadian media issues and initiatives. It includes sections for parents, educators and kids, as well as general information.
    bullet Model Science Software
    Model Science Software develops simulation software for use in science education. Including our virtual chemistry lab simulation: "Model ChemLab" for Windows and the Mac OS.  Free evaluation versions of ChemLab are available from the Model Science web site.
    bullet National Atlas Information Service Base maps, geographical names and thematic maps in both digital and conventional form that reflect the social, economic, environmental and cultural fabric of Canada.
    bullet Science/Nature for Kids Kidscience cure for the summertime blues. Science & Nature for Kids is planning special events and articles to keep the kids busy during the long days of summer. In addition to weekly articles and events, a great resource library and best of list, chat and board will be coming soon. A newsletter is in the works where kids can publish their own science stories, poems, and experiences.
    bullet Skewl Sites is a monthly newsletter highlighting educational Web sites on the Internet. Their research involves examining hundreds of sites each month in order to find quality sites to present in our newsletter. Only those sites that have educational quality, along with a pleasing appearance, and friendly user interface are chosen for publication.
    bullet Society for the Advancement of Excellence in Education provides non-partisan education research and information to policy-makers, education partners and the public. Our purpose is to encourage higher performance throughout Canada’s public education system.
    bullet Star Times Online
    A daily update of links to breaking news stories on astronomy and space-related subjects. It's a quick way to check what's happening each day. This can be a marvelous resource for students who are researching current space-related topics.
    bullet Teaching and Learning About CanadaA great overview of Canada, including history, geography, wildlife, politics, etc. There is a great section of graphics and stats based on Stats Canada Info.
    bullet Technology Based Learning Network Canada
    bullet Wondertree Foundation for Natural Learning. Virtual High, Insight-Out, Paidea, and homeschool friendly with a page for homelearners in construction.
    bullet TG Magazine The Students' Commission TG Magazine has many sections: all designed, created and produced by youth for youth. You will find regular on-line discussion forums, scheduled moderated web chats on specific topics, electronic conferences and courses. Teams of youth cover significant national and international events and report on issues of interest to youth; increasingly we are building an international network of on-line youth. Check it out!
    bullet YES Magazine - Canada's Science Magazine for Kids A great new magazine dedicated to making science accesible, interesting, and fun to kids. They take a hands-on approach to science. Every issue contains projects kids can do at home.

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