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1)  Background information:

Chronology of Canada’s Pest Control Products Act & Actions Towards Banning the Cosmetic Use of Pesticides
Municipal Pesticide Bylaw Stats
Lists municipalities across Canada that have enacted pesticide bylaws
Actions of Canada’s Major Retailers Concerning Pest Control Products 
Ottawa City Council Pesticide Voting History
Pesticide Polls and Surveys Across Canada
CHO's June 8, 2008 submission with respect to Ontario Bill 64 --Legislative Amendments to the Pesticides Act to ban the use and sale of pesticides for cosmetic purposes

2)  CHO Media Releases:

Sept. 20, 2007 - Physicians and Scientists call for Action on Pesticides used for Landscaping
May 14, 2007 - Why and How to Have Healthy Landscapes
March 29, 2007 - Canadian Cancer Society News Release:  4 out of 5 Ottawa residents say lawn chemicals threaten kids, environment
March 29, 2007 - Scientific Evidence Growing Quickly for Pesticide Restrictions
Nov. 8, 2006 - Ottawa Voters can Elect a Council that will Restrict Lawn Pesticides
Nov. 2, 2006 - CHO Ottawa Municipal Candidates' Questionnaire 2006 
Nov. 1, 2006 - Ottawa Environmental Votes - 2006 Councillor Report Card
Nov. 17, 2005 - CHO Congratulates the City of Toronto
Nov. 10, 2005 - Ottawa City Council Fails to Protect Public Health by Rejecting a Pesticide Bylaw
Nov. 1, 2005 - Rural residents deserve equal protection from lawn pesticides
Oct. 19, 2005 - CHO Recommends A Strong Pesticide Bylaw
Sept. 25, 2005 - Top Ten Reasons For Not Using The Herbicide 2,4-D
May 5, 2005 - CHO supports the HRSS Committee Motion for drafting a pesticide bylaw for Ottawa
March 11, 2005 - Major Problems with PMRA's 2,4-D Herbicide Review
February 21, 2005 - Awaiting Federal Herbicide Review
August 27, 2004 - City of Ottawa stumbles over hurdle to protecting children from pesticides on City land
August 23, 2004 - Joint CHO & Sierra Club statement concerning the need for pesticide free City of Ottawa sports fields
July 13, 2004 - CHO statement on the City of Ottawa's sports fields.
April 28, 2004 - CHO applauds the OCFP study linking pesticides to neurological injury, cancer and reproduction disorders.
April 22, 2004 - Earth Day.
February 16, 2004 - Pesticides in the Rideau River and Two Tributaries (En Français)
November 3, 2003 - Many of Ottawa's Municipal Election Candidates Support a Pesticide-free By-law.



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