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Background Documents:

Actions of Canada’s Major Retailers Concerning Pest Control Products 
Chronology of Canada’s Pest Control Products Act & Actions Towards Banning the Cosmetic Use of Pesticides
CHO's June 8, 2008 submission with respect to Ontario Bill 64 --Legislative Amendments to the Pesticides Act to ban the use and sale of pesticides for cosmetic purposes
Comments on: Classification Harmonization for Canada, A Proposal for Domestic Class Pesticides, 2007
Video: "Lawn & Garden Pesticides - Reducing Harm"
Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA): Muncipal rights to pass pesticide bylaws
Canadian Human Rights Commission: The Medical Perspective on Environmental Sensitivities
By: Margaret E. Sears (M.Eng., Ph.D.)
- reveals that pesticide exposures are a legitimate health concern
City of Ottawa's Pesticide Reports
CHO asks City of Ottawa for a 2006 Bylaw: Submission to HRSS Oct. 19, 2005
Doctor John Howard supports a ban on the cosmetic use of pesticides
Dioxins in herbicides - A primer
Pesticides and asthma: A scientifically conducted study showing a link between pesticides and asthma
Dr. Robert Cushman urging a ban on the cosmetic use of pesticides: June 29, 2005
CHO's May 2005 submission to the City of Ottwa's HRSS Committee: 2004 Year-end report
Open Letter -- 2,4-D Revaluation Comments by CCHE to the PMRA
Ottawa Doctors support a pesticide ban / bylaw
Spring Into The Debate -- by Alex Cullen, Councillor, Ottawa's Bay Ward - April 2005
Pesticide By-Law Long Overdue -- by Mike Christie - February 2005
CHO's Nov. 4, 2004 submission to the City of Ottawa's HRSS Committee: Sportsfields
Pesticide Bylaws in Canada - Population Statistics: 40% of Canada's population has pesticide bylaws
Sweden's pesticide regulatory policy: Sweden restricts pesticides such as the herbicide 2,4-D
CHO Comments to the July 15, 2004 City of Ottawa's HRSS Committee meeting on "Corporate Pesticide Use Policy Report"
Canada's Commissioner of Environment and Sustainable Development, Johanne Gélinas, raises pesticide concerns
The doctors speak on pesticides: June '04 - Councillor Alex Cullen on the OCFP report and need for an Ottawa bylaw
Is Halifax's pesticide bylaw working? You bet! Article written by Helen Jones, MSc, EdD
Ottawa Experts Call for a "Cosmetic" Pesticide Bylaw
Compelling Studies Justify Pesticide Ban: Dr. Claman responds to the 04/29/2004 "Ottawa Citizen" Editorial
Men At Risk: Occupation and Male Infertility by Paul Claman, M.D., F.R.S.C.(C) of Ottawa Hospital: Dr. Claman concludes that pesticides should not be used for cosmetic lawn care
Pesticide Risks Are Real: Dr. John Molot responds to the 04/29/2004 "Ottawa Citizen" Editorial concerning the OCFP review
Health Evidence Justifies Pesticide Ban: Meg Sears responds to the "Ottawa Citizen" Editorial concerning the OCFP review
CHO Responds to Ottawa Pesticide Reduction Report with a Call for a Bylaw
Doctors' Statements to the Senate Committee on the Pest Control Products Act (Bill C-8)
CHO Interpretation of City of Ottawa Report - Pesticide Monitoring in Surface Water
CHO April 13, 2004 Response: White Paper on Watershed–based Source Protection Planning (February, 2004)
Municipal Candidate Questionnaire: 2003 Ottawa election -- Candidates reply to CHO on their pesticide stance

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