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Notice: The information below is archival in nature as an Ontario-wide provincial pesticide ban has been in place since April 22, 2009.


Tell the mayor and city councilors today that you fully support the CHO model by-law which would protect your health and entrench your basic right to clear air, clear water and clear soil by eliminating the non-essential (i.e. cosmetic or aesthetic) use of synthetic pesticides within the city of Ottawa.

CHO also has a petition, click here to sign it.

Mayor: Larry O'Brien -- Tel: (613) 580-2496 / Fax: (613) 580-2509


 Ward (see map below)

Councillor (click on name to e-mail)

1. OrléansBob Monette580-2471580-2511
2. InnesRainer Bloess580-2472580-2512
3. Bell-South NepeanJan Harder580-2473580-2513
4. Kanata NorthMarianne Wilkinson
5. West Carleton-MarchEli El-Chantiry580-2475580-2515
6. Stittsville-KanataWestShad Qadri
7. BayAlex Cullen580-2477580-2517
8. CollegeRick Chiarelli580-2478580-2518
9. Knoxdale-MerivaleGord Hunter580-2479580-2519
10. Gloucester-SouthgateDiane Deans580-2480580-2520
11. Beacon Hill-CyrvilleMichel Bellemare580-2481580-2521
12. Rideau-VanierGeorges Bédard580-2482580-2522
13. Rideau-RockliffeJacques Legendre580-2483580-2523
14. SomersetDiane Holmes580-2484580-2524
15. KitchissippiChristine Leadman
16. RiverMaria McRae580-2486580-2526
17. CapitalClive Doucet580-2487580-2527
18. Alta VistaPeter Hume580-2488580-2528
19. CumberlandRob Jellett580-2489580-2529
20. OsgoodeDoug Thompson580-2490580-2530
21. Rideau-GoulbournGlenn Brooks580-2491580-2531
22.Gloucester-South NepeanSteve Desroches 580-2751 580-2761
23.Kanata SouthPeggy Feltmate 580-2752 580-2762


Ward map:  To view the ward boundaries map, please click here.


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Last updated: January 24, 2011

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