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FLORA.org Community WEB sponsors

FLORA Community Consulting As of 2000, FLORA Community Consulting (Sole Proprietorship, Russell McOrmond) became the sole sponsor. If you wish to support the sponsorship through using the same services, then please hire hosting or related consulting services through the associated company OpenConcept Consulting.

Past Sponsorships

Russell McOrmond, Open
Systems Internet Consultant
Servers for FLORA are part of the network managed by Russell as part of his consulting work.

Cyberus Online, Inc
128Kbps Internet access (September, 1998 to July 2000)

Information Gateway Services
64Kbps Internet access (December 19, 1996 to September 30, 1998)
(An additional 64Kbps was being paid for by Russell McOrmond Consulting)

PresTech Information Access Services
Router, 64Kbps Internet access (March 24 to October 24, 1996)

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FLORA Community Web (FLORA.ORG) is sponsored by FLORA Community Consulting (FLORA.CA).