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FLORA Community WEB Server Information and Projects

FLORA Community WEB Server Project.

This site is a work in progress to link volunteers from the Ottawa online community with a project that can help their community. A large part of the mission of FLORA is to demonstrate, document, or develop technology that can be used to more effectively communicate within a community.

The intention is to make all the services of FLORA able to be replicated on any other server. To this end I have started to make available many of the packages that FLORA makes use of. The server start with a stock Fedora Core Linux server.

Specifics of FLORA Server

Ongoing Projects

Each year there is a Commuter Challenge. In the past Auto-Free Ottawa managed the software used to keep track of participants. We opened up a SourceForge project for a package called Commuter Challenge: GNU Potato Caboose.

FLORA currently uses the University of Washington IMAPD (Often just an upgraded version from the one distributed with RedHat) and a version of Sendmail compiled with HESIOD support. On new systems, Sendmail only needs to be recompiled in an environment that includes libhesiod and to use an updated MC Makefile, while older versions required changing the makefile. (Old Documentation: MailDomain project, Common Email addressing project, MailBox project)

User authentication
While we were previously working on a custom Login Domain system, we are currently using standard Linux-PAM system. In the future we plan to move to LDAP

Multi-medium discussion groups
Much work is happening in this area. Main existing components are:

Some old ideas and discussions are still online:

WEB Publishing
Apache is used as the Webserver (Version details above), and maintenance is done through FTP (Supported by any FTP client, as well as many of the 1-step-publishing methods). We use the guest service of wu_ftpd which does a chroot() into the users home directory and does not allow them to read/modify other files on the disk.
Please also see the OX pages for more project ideas you may wish to get involved in.
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