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There are many different ways to get involved with your local community through FLORA. These range from participation in discussion groups, becoming a volunteer for FLORA, or using FLORA resources to help some community group.

How to participate in discussion groups

FLORA is host to a variety of discussion groups, and makes groups hosted at other locations more accessible. Discussion groups come in two major flavours: Mailing lists and Newsgroups.
The FLORA Weblog is a recent (April, 2001) addition to communications facilities at FLORA. Participation from the general public can come in the form of submissions of articles that may be of interest to people at FLORA, as well as participating via the Reply feature of articles.

Mailing Lists
FLORA is the home to a variety of mailing lists. In simple terms a mailing list is a list of email addresses. You send a message to a special email address and your message is copied to all the other people in that list. In this way you can discuss ideas with many people together in Email.

A list of mailing lists is not only available on the WEB but also directly from Majordomo. Instructions on how to join the groups are also available.

  1. Send a message to majordomo@flora.org
  2. In the BODY of the message (Not the subject line), put the word:
  3. To get a list of other commands from Majordomo, you may also want to include the command:

Newsgroups are similar to mailing lists in that a single message can be read by many people, but are different in how the message is received, and potentially in who the members of the discussion group are. Newsgroups use a tool called a 'Newsreader', and are most often shared amongst many different service providers.

FLORA has a number of newsgroups created by it's own volunteers. These groups have a name that starts with 'flora.'. A list of 'flora.' newsgroups is available on FLORA to make reading of these groups easy.

FLORA also makes reading Ottawa-Wide newsgroups easy as well.

More information on Newsgroups is available.

If you do not yet have an Email address, or are looking for an alternative, FLORA might be able to help you here. FLORA offers a free Email redirecting service, and volunteers get FREE mailboxes. Please ask us for details.
If you have any further questions about discussion groups or Email, please ask in the HELP discussion group.

How to become a volunteer for FLORA

To volunteer for FLORA, first you should decide what you would be interested in doing. A list of skills needed may give you some ideas. Once you know what you are interested in, please just introduce yourself in the FLORA Helpdesk discussion group. We can then discuss volunteer possibilities with you there.

If you have any further questions about volunteering for FLORA, please ask in the HELP discussion group.

How to make use of the tools at FLORA to volunteer for another organization

If you have any further questions about using FLORA tools, please ask in the HELP discussion group.

Please read the FLORA.org Terms and Conditions before you submit information to FLORA.org
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