Crowning moments are not the attainment of goals,
but the journeys that take us there.

If your own journey is less than joyous, "Ask Great Granny" for free, no-strings, candid advice.
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David Rutherford Dickson
(1919 - 1992)
Westmount, Montreal, Que.
McGill - Actuarial Science
Married in Montreal - 1942


His name
in Air Force lore;
He loved
the stars
but not
the war.

Taught Astral Navigation in
British Commonwealth Air Training Plan - Rivers, Man.
Flt. Lt. Ferry Command,
RAF 214 Bomber Squadron
Queen's U. - BCom. - 1949
Revenue Canada Tax Dept.
Pontiac Printshop - 1953
Raising horses was a hobby
also metaphysics, psychic and afterlife phenomena.
Sailing was his passion
Navigating by the stars.
Retired to Florida, 1984
Then we went sailing.

Rosaleen Diana Leslie Dickson
(1921 - ). . . a product of Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Halifax Ladies College - now Ambrae Academy
The Lincoln School, Columbia University.
Guilford College, North Carolina, BA Psych.
Memories of THE EQUITY, Shawville, Que.
Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, MJ.
"Local Heroes" a news story in "The Ottawa Business Journal"
"Cyberspace Trailblazer" feature in "Aging Horizons"
Seminar at the International Statistical Conference in Ottawa.
"Old Folks at Home on the WWW."  "New Canadian Books."
"Ask Great Granny" - on-going world-wide Internet phenomenon

Director: "Canadian Association of Journalists" - CAJ
Judge for Canadian Community Newspapers Association..
"Computer Communication; Not just another pencil" - MJ Thesis.
"Cyberqueen" - by Sharon Rockey, in the North Bay Record.
Ryerson University, Toronto - print journalism instructor.
Helping other people write with Ottawa Independent Writers.
"Need to know," In "True North Perspective" by Carl Dow.

Writing books, often with brilliant co-authors:
"The Dickson and Leslie Family Histories" with David.
"Freenet For the Fun of It" with Pierre Bourque.
"HTML - The Basic Book" with Rony Aoun.
"The Mother in Law Book" from Ask Great Granny.

Editing books of unusual significance:
"Avenging in the Shadows - 214 Squaron RAF" - Ron James.
"Adventures of a Paper Sleuth" - Hugh P. MacMillan.
"A Theatre Near You" - Alain Miguelez.
"For the Love of TREES" - R. Hinchcliff and R. Popadiouk.
"Once Upon a Story" - Ellie Marshall's Glace Bay memoirs.

My father, Kenneth Leslie.. "God's Red Poet"
The music heard on this Web site is one of his songs,
"Cape Breton Lullaby" as arranged by Ryan's Fancy.
See words, far below, by the waving Nova Scotia flag.
Leslie's poetry as catalogued by Arthur Wendover

"Great Scot!"
We'd rather be sailing . . .
"Per ardua ad Astra"
Me,at my computer.

Dickson and Leslie
Family Histories


Our children:

David Ross
PhD. Cambridge
"The Hill Times"
- Diana Bracegirdle -

Jennifer Leslie
Law. Ottawa U.
"Leslie Enterprises"
Executive Director
Unitarian Council

Elizabeth Putnam
PhD. Rockefeller
Health Research

Marjorie Monteith
McGill Unversity
MA Education
Antiques in Canada
- Peter Bayfield -

Charles Rutherford
MSc. London School
of Economics
Cdn International
Development Agency

- Erica Phipps -

Andrew Moir
MBA. Ottawa U.
Radio - "MyFM"
Printing, Publishing
- Karen Williamson -

Their children

Ross: (with Heather Alberti)
    Leslie Maria Dickson
    David Alberti Dickson

Jennifer: (w. Peter Cotton)
    Christina Jane Matthews
    Matthew Ross Dickson
Jennifer: (w. John Matthews)
    Tamara Leslie Matthews
    Elizabeth Marjorie Matthews

Marjorie: (w. Ronald Burke)
    Kathryn Leslie Burke
    Michael Bruce Burke
    Daniel Rutherford Burke

Charles: (w. Tineke Kuijper)
    Anne Sophia Kuijper Dickson
    Willem Arthur Kuijper Dickson
    Kenneth Alexander Kuijper Dickson
Charles -- w. Erica Phipps
    Thomas Andrew Phipps Dickson.
    Eric Rutherford Phipps Dickson
    Audrey Estelle Phipps Dickson

Andrew -- w. Karen Williamson
    Sarah Diana Dickson
    Katherine Moir McGregor Dickson
    Emma Rosaleen Wallace Dickson

        Their children's children

                  Christa -- w. Steve Hannah
                      Isaac Gaelen Matthews-Hanna
                      Oliver Gabriel Matthews-Hanna

                  Matthew: (w. Nancy Maynard)
                      Caleb Peter Michael Dickson
                  Matthew -- w. Beth Schilling
                      Benjamin Joseph Solomon Dickson
                      Satinka Schilling
                      Kelly Margaret Schilling

                  Tamara: (w. Steve Woods)
                      Elijah Matthew Woods
                      Aiden Ross Woods.

                  Leslie -- w. Jason Barton
                      Owen Ross Barton
                      Tessa James Dickson Barton

The computer swallowed granny.
Honestly its true!

She pressed 'control and 'enter' and disappeared from view.
I've searched through the recycle bin and files of every kind;
I've even used the Internet, but nothing did I find.
In desperation, I asked Jeeves my searches to refine.
The reply from him was negative, no Granny was 'online.'
So, if inside your 'Inbox,' my Granny you should see,
Please 'Copy, Scan' and 'Paste' her and send her back to me.
                                                Valerie Waite, Derbyshire England

The Children
will be
the Change

            Recent arrivals:
                Tessa Dickson Barton and
                Audrey Phipps Dickson

      Daily Invention
      Life is a perpetual challenge,
      Exponentially growing with age.
      "Old Age" is a book with no index,
      A new language on every page.

      There isn't a list of instructions,
      You just have to find your own way.
      No day can be taken for granted;
      Each one is like no other day.    (rd)

The Board of Directors

Charles, Peter, Elizabeth, Jennifer, Andrew, Ross
Erica, Marjorie, Rosaleen, Karen, Diana.

Every day I thank God and David for this awesome family of truly great Canadians.
Thanksgiving Day, 2007, at Charlie's farm in the Pontiac.   (Photo by Elizabeth)

                                   Cape Breton Lullaby - a song by Kenneth Leslie.
        Driftwood is burning blue, wild walk the wall shadows, night winds go riding by, riding by the Lochie meadows,
        On to the ring of day flows Myra's stream, singing, Cadil gu lo, laddie, lo, laddie, sleep the stars away!
                  Far on Ben Breea's side wander the lost lambies - here, there, and everywhere, everywhere their troubled mammies
                  Find them and fold them deep, fold them to sleep singing, Cadil gu lo, laddie, lo, laddie, sleep the moon away!
                              Daddie is on the Bay; he'll keep the pot brewin' , keep all from tumblin' down, tumblin' down to wrack and ruin.
                              Pray Mary send him home, safe from the foam, singing, Cadil gu lo, laddie, lo, laddie, sleep the dark away!

Interesting Web sites of relatives and other good friends:
Pierre Bourque NewsWatch - THIS IS AS REAL AS IT GETS
David Chernushenko Living Lightly - way of life with positive impact on our environment,
Marjorie Dickson Antiques in Canada - Helping you find Canadian antique shops - we make it easy.
Andrew Dickson Custom Printers, Renfrew Ltd - and the General Store Publishing Company
Carl Dow True North Perspective - events that are not reported in our newspapers
Elaine Kenney Communication Matters - to help you to communicate effectively
Russell McOrmond Flora Community - Digital Copyright Canada - All Canadian Citizens are "Rights Holders"!
Patrick Meikle Writers' Deadline - an Ottawa-based listserv for writers and readers.
The Old Press Club Radio, TV, Artist, Photographer - a 21st century renaissance man
Fred Thompson, Futurist (Click on "Fred's BLOG.") "I feel like I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe."

Some of my books are still in print:

The Mother-in-Law Book    Based on "Ask Great Granny" - the on-going computer-mediated phenomenon.     Mothers and wives generally learn early to love and let live, for the benefit of the men they care for. But some, who can't seem to manage the required generosity of spirit. This book is based on letters from mothers and wives who haven't yet figured out how to manage their delicate relationship.     The reader will not agree with all the suggestions made by Great Granny in her replies to letters she receives. They are not intended as directions or rules of procedure, just good ideas to help troubled people think through their own problems. Alternate ideas, often the best for each individual case will be found and mature women, and the wives of their sons, are able to achieve mutually good relations. This book is dedicated to those who are still working on it.
General Store Publishing House. ISBN#1-897113-30-7 Available from any book store  $20
Freenet For the Fun of It
Getting connected and making friends on the Internet. A great book to give friends who are beginning to get acquainted with freenet. Explains email, newsgroups, gossiping online, and hundreds of places you'll be welcome. Co-author, Pierre Bourque, is Ottawa's most prolific computer columnist. His research into the best of the Internet takes you around the world "for the fun of it".
This book was published in 1995. Some of the phone numbers and other references are out of date, but it is still a useful book for beginners and packed with good stuff.
To order, see below.

HTML The Basic Book
Hyper Text Markup Language
for people who would rather Do it than Read about it.

Accents, colour charts, links, blinking features, borders, tables, images and lots more. Co-author, Rony Aoun, is a computer programer. With this primer you can handle your own material on the world wide web. It's spiral bound to lie flat beside your computer for instant reference.

            Send cheque or money order to:
            Rosaleen Dickson, 201-500 Laurier Ave West
            Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1R 5E1

            I'll send you the book by return mail, and I'll pay the postage.
            Freenet For the Fun of It $15, HTML The Basic Book $15
            (Canadian funds inside Canada. U.S. funds outside Canada.)
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